Caring for your cactus

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This helpful guide provides further details on how to care for the Cactus we recently sent you. If you’ve wondering why we have cactus care instructions on our website, we’ll…

Envelope sizes

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'C' Paper Sizes. Used for standard envelope sizes used in the UK, slightly larger than A size.  (more…)

Paper Folds

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Standard paper fold techniques The most common paper folds used when creating printed documents. (more…)

Paper Weight & Thickness

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Paper weight  Paper is usually measured and selected by weight and expressed as 'grams per square meter', abbreviated to 'gsm' (g/m²). (more…)

Resizing documents

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Scale factors for increasing or decreasing 'A' paper sizes.Quickly change paper sizes by applying these percentage factors. (more…)

Standard paper sizes

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A quick reference guide to A, SRA and B paper sizes.  (more…)

Web glossary

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A useful explanation of everyday web terms to help you get to grips with managing a website. Web Server The big computer that stores your website files and allows other people to…