Envelope sizes

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'C' Paper Sizes. Used for standard envelope sizes used in the UK, slightly larger than A size.  (more…)

Paper Folds

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Standard paper fold techniques The most common paper folds used when creating printed documents. (more…)

Paper Weight & Thickness

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Paper weight  Paper is usually measured and selected by weight and expressed as 'grams per square meter', abbreviated to 'gsm' (g/m²). (more…)

Resizing documents

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Scale factors for increasing or decreasing 'A' paper sizes.Quickly change paper sizes by applying these percentage factors. (more…)

Standard paper sizes

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A quick reference guide to A, SRA and B paper sizes.  (more…)

Web glossary

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A useful explanation of everyday web terms to help you get to grips with managing a website. Web Server The big computer that stores your website files and allows other people to…